Long-standing experience
Production of sand castings in aluminum alloys since 1972. Fonderie Alma is specialized in melting primary and secondary alloys.
A 360° supply
The piece is supplied according to customer specifics: each projects is studied and custom-made using the best technology.
According to the most complete reference standards, Fonderie Alma guarantees further professionalism and efficiency through certifications: quality, environment, safety and ped.

Fonderie Alma

Foundries Alma have been specializing in the manufacturing of aluminum alloy castings since 1972. Today just like yesterday, we are renewing and selecting the best automation while preserving 40-year-old know-how. We support our clients with competence and professionalism from the mold design to the finished product. Our well-knwn quality is based on extensive experience, availability with our clients together with innovative technology.

Sand Casting

Fonderie Alma produces sand-castings in aluminum alloys. There main advantages of these techniques combined with the technologies, in which Fonderie Alma invested, allows to:

- Production versatility: from small-medium production batches to bigger production
- Production from simple to complex aluminum castings shapes.
- The weight of the castings can vary from a few grams to about 60 kg per box.

Main casting alloys 

Primary Alloys

Aluminum Silicon

Secondary Alloys

Aluminum Copper
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